This is Karl's contribution to Esports in Education.


Educator's handbook

This EsportsEDU book has been written by Karl Ögland, with two co-writers: Mirka Otsonkoski (Tukia) and Björn Nylund. 

The handbook was a result of two projects funded by the board of education in Finland ("Health and well-being through eSport" and "Lentoon") in 2017.

"The project has been very important because a similar thing has not yet been done, either in Finland or internationally. We believe there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation around esports and with this handbook we hope to bring relevant information into the discussion. One other important note is that we have been getting good results and good feedback from both students and other professionals."

The Esport chair

EsportsEDU in one picture.

This chair is from 2015, and the deeper you dig into Esport the more you realize Esports is much more than videogames. Esports can be compared to a chair, if you look at it from above all you see is Esports (videogames) but if you look from the side you see more, like four legs

  • Coaching
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Workout

You also have a backrest called “Management”, some organization that will help you; for example a federation, a game house or a school.

You are welcome to use the chair as long as you give credits to Karl Ögland & Minna Ögland

Learning and Esports


Possible learning skills from an Esports in Education view, dated in 2015 by Karl Ögland.

My journey

Esports in education

During the schoolyear 2015-2016 I documented the whole journey we took. This documentation is also the backbone to the handbook I wrote in 2017. It's a time traveller document where we struggled with what Esports is and how we connect it to learning and education.


Courses, curriculum

Course concept that is integretaed in the Finnish vocational exam, no matter what profession you study to. All course curriculums has objectives, content, methods and assessments. Between 2015-2017 we made a written agreement with all our players, a contract sort of.

Female Legends

Against toxic, English lecture, stream

In 2018 Karl run a project funded by The Arcada Foundation to aim build up a Nordic network around Esports.

In April 2018 we had Liza Lind and Lillie Klefelt

from Swedish Female Legends over to make a lecture to our Esports students. Afterwards we had the girls to make an English lecture that we streamed, we also successfully gather lots of organizations (their logos in the intro) to stand united against toxic behavior and degrading women in Esport.

"Female Legends is an online community for girls who play esports. Their main focus is League of Legends, CSGO and Overwatch. Their goal is that girls should be an integral part of e-sports and to have more equality in the professional scene."

Learning and Esports skills


Orange boxes have the possible learning while the blue ones is skills needed in Esports.  You as an educator has two ways to apply Esports in education; either you see the learning possibilties or you give your students a proper foundation with skills needed in Esports.