Matilda Ståhl

Doctor of Education

About Matilda

In 2017 Karl was project leader of an Esport project funded by the Finnish board of education and had come in contact with Matilda Ståhl, who now is doctor in educational sciences at Åbo Akademi University.

Matilda’s research interests are such as virtual learning environments, video games for an example, yet also identity construction and visuality.

Matilda made a big impression on both Karl as Björn Nylund (Prakticum's sports coordinator). This young, but at the same time energetic, professional and intelligent researcher we wanted to find a collaboration opportunity with.

We agreed to collaborate and she stalked two of our school CS:GO teams during the school year 2017-2018 and gathered data via screen recordings.

Matilda blog about her research here and if you want to come in contact with her, please e-mail her: matilda.stahl ( a )

Fredrik Rusk

Doctor of Education

About Fredrik

When Matilda received the first screen recordings from our teams, she told us, she realized this would be an excellent opportunity to include Fredrik in her research.

Fredrik Rusk is associate professor in education Åbo Akademi University with a focus on digital interaction. His research involves the employment of ethnomethodology, conversation analysis and interaction analysis with the use of diverse video recordings to investigate and better understand the social organization of classrooms.

More generally, his research interests include learning in interaction, language learning, language use, multilingualism and social identity in interaction both in- and outside of the classroom/school.

Recently he has been involved in several projects on learning in-and-through diverse screen-mediated interaction, such as smartphones, video conferences and video games.

If you want to come in contact with Fredrik, please email at

fredrik.k.rusk (a)


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Ståhl, M. Rusk, F. (published) Identity construction and co-construction in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Rusk, F. Ståhl, M. Silseth, K. (manuscript under review). Player agency, team responsibility and self-initiated change: an apprentice’s learning trajectories and peer mentoring in eSports.

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Ståhl, M. Rusk, F. (manuscript). Normativity and ethical dimensions within player centred research - on branding toxic players as monster.

Ståhl, M. (manuscript under review) Why so toxic? Spelarjargong och stötande språkbruk - skärminspelningar av e-sport i en pedagogisk kontext.

Rusk, F. Ståhl, M. Silseth, K. (published, conference paper). Exploring peer mentoring and learning among experts and novices in online in-game interactions. Conference paper for ECGBL 2020, hosted by University of Brighton, United Kingdom, and arranged online.

Ståhl, M. Community, Diversity and Visuality – an ethno-case study on constructing identities and becoming legitimate participants in online/offline communities