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I’m Karl - an EsportsEDU influencer who is the initiator to Esports in Education in Finland

Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum

Between 2011 - 2021 Karl has been working as a remedial teacher at Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum and in the Fall of 2015 he started the school's Esports in education journey together with the school's sportscoordinator Björn Nylund.


Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum is the only upper secondary vocational institution in the Greater Helsinki area where the language of instruction is Swedish and that offers initial vocational education for young people and adults. Two main units, one is located in Helsinki (Arabianranta) and the other one in the town of Porvoo, 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. The vocational institute Prakticum's esport investment has a natural place in its school competitions and it's included in Team Prakticum.

Hi, I'm Karl Ögland


Original from Sweden, now living in Finland since 2007. 

I'm a passionate lifelong learner and early adopter (i.e. Minecraft, Kahoot, TeacherGaming) and during the years I've practicing game based learning, learning with games and gamification. 

I'm also the initiator to Esports in education in Finland.

Between 2011 - 2021 I have been working as a remedial teacher at Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum. When you're building something new, you start it with a symbolic shovel - I used a Minecraft pickaxe. Everyone that has crossed my EsportsEDU path has signed my pickaxe. 

Media coverage

The EsportsEDU path


Everything new hits the tabloids, so also game based learning and especially Esports. The approach we took was the opposite to the popular one, instead of concentrate of a certain game we started to dig into what Esports in Education really could be.

2016 and 2017 I was the project manager for Prakticum's school championship Insomnolence, and during these two years we got full coverage from newspapers, websites, radio and even national television!

Less then six months after our journey started we had not only our Esport final being streamed in national television but also the (traditional) sports program to cover it!


I'm a networking professional with a wide broad of contacts around game base learning and Esports. My networks are both national as internationally, I have also tried to connect as many fields as possible in order to achieve a bigger goal.

With Team Prakticum Esport I tried to connect Finnish research to the Esports program as often as possible. We did succeed with that, however there's a difference between how these papers develops. The 'Evaluations' part is evaluation of the education I created at Prakticum, while the 'Collaboration' on the other hand is a partnership where I gave researchers data to work with.


Collaboration can be described as a partnership where we (mostly I) promised to share data with researchers to evaluate on doctoral or post doctoral level.


Evaluation have been the part where we got an an evaluation of Prakticum's Esports education, bachelor and master's level.


Connecting people since 2014. With a broad network you can get input and  answers real quickly, something that is extremly valuable when you develop something new.