About this course

My name is Karl Ögland and I'm working as a remedial teacher at an upper secondary vocational institution in Finland and loves gamification and Minecraft. For more information about my Minecraft projects and tries with Gamification, please check my blog!

I believe youth of today learn in a different way than we're used to I'd like to give them an opportunity to learn the programming basics with Minecraft and ComputerCraft. When you using MinecraftEDU you will also get the mod "ComputerCraftEDU" which I believe will help first time coders a lot. My students are between 16-22 years old.

This is a free course, open for all first years students within my section at my school. As long as they don't break any rules (grief, troll or destroy mostly) they will pass the course with lowest grade. If they start to code they will earn an higher grade.

Blue Team
Yellow Team
using CCEdu